Just to save confusion 'Frank' is not my name, It’s the middle part, and quite frankly that picture is not me.

As a background my photography career started sometime in 2008, having progressed from the fashion industries finest mannequin dresser to a trusted shooter of the trend. Nowadays my subjects are moving and becoming the country’s finest example of modern love.

Modern wedding photography is about creativity, the achievements you can make while keeping the look as natural as possible. The presence of emotion is what makes great photography.

Think of me as an undercover wedding photographer, unseen when not needed, unknowingly knowing exactly where to be on your day. Documentary accounts for my preferred style, finding the image is more rewarding than the set-up, this is where my alias Frank comes into play, a busy bee, myself and me. Blogging is not me, I feel the story should be told by the camera and not by how well a person can string a sentence together, or maybe it’s the fact that I'm just not cute, articulate or funny enough to become one.

If you like my work and interested in further information, send me a message via the contact link, oh by the way, It’s probably best I introduce myself.....Hello, my name is Nathan, but you can call me Frank to save confusion.